Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Fastest Way To Make Money In 2017

How Do I Make Extra Income 
Without Doing Any Work Quickly?
The fastest, easiest, and most effective way of making extra money without doing any work is by making smart long- term investments and trading platforms  using TBC. What is TBC? TBC stands for The Billion Coin. It is another form or cryptocurrency like bitcoin. 

Using TBC you will Easily earn a passive income of $85,000 and more in 201 days and longer. I'm Not Kidding!!! We use a platform where the price is always rising, you can passively earn any amount of money you need in a very short period of time and the money is available to you immediately. You keep 100% of all your trading profits, There is no middleman! No selling, No recruiting and No Hassles!!

The biggest difference between The Billion Coin and Bitcoin is bitcoin is traded on the open-markets and the value fluctuates based on the market. TBC price will steadily rise between 1% - 7% daily and its based on how many people join the TBC community. It is the first Community based Cryptocurrency around.  Currently there are over 148,000 people who own TBC <<----

Using These platforms allow you to trade TBC peer to peer to anyone outside the community for cash, bitcoins, etc. Many people can purchase homes, cars and other goods with TBC.

TBC has become Wildly Popular all over the world within the past year with a down economy in many countries. Thousands of people are not able to qualify for loans, get jobs or have jobs but are not making enough to cover simple bills so they turn to alternatives to growing their money.

 Why not? Your money sits in your savings account and will double in maybe 40 or 50 years. Plus the banks use your money to trade with How else do you think they have stayed in business so long? Why NOT take your money out the banks and let it GROW where you can see rapid returns? 

The #1 biggest problem people face when trying to create additional streams of income is they are unable to find work, let alone a second job that will allow freedom or flexibility.

#2 Even with a second job, one would incur additional fees in daycare, gas and food as well as uniforms. They may find it is too difficult managing schedules and develop stress, high blood pressure, digestive issues, insomnia, etc

For the average person, who needs to earn funds quickly within days to months, (perhaps they are facing foreclosure, health issues, vehicle repair, or other personal crisis, etc) they typically will FAIL and have lower chances of  a successful financial recovery and end up in worst conditions than before. 

To Ensure your Success, The Billion Coin has a very unique business model because it allows its exclusive members to trade TBC globally to each other 24/7.

**Use this projection calculator to determine How Much Is TBC is Worth Right Now
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1. To do this, enter the amount of  TBC you want to purchase and see how much it will grow to in 201 days (that's 6 months)

Is TBC Legal? Is It A Scam?

To Sum it Up...YES it is legal and NO it is not a Scam!! When I first learned about TBC, I was skeptical. I searched online and got mixed reviews, some saying its a scam and ponzi and others say its legit. I did my due diligence and found it was an ethical business.

I found out There are many people feeding their family and living their dreams from this passive opportunity just by letting TBC sit and grow and then trade some to others peer to peer different than trading bitcoin on paxful, localbitcoins, etc bitcoin. Heck, when I first heard about bitcoin I felt that was a huge SCAM!! 

But I started seeing how the world has been changing its view on the ways paper currency depreciates in value and how crypto-currency will change things for the better. Many merchants now are accepting bitcoin for purchasing goods.

 All I know is TBC and Bitcoin will be worth a lot of money very in the future. May as well invest in it now before its too expensive to purchase later. You want to earn as much TBC as you can and hold on to it. It will be a nice retirement nest egg....

Japan has recently adopted bitcoin as it's main form of currency since it is not controlled by the banks. No one owns it, therefore they cant take it from you. 

Since Bitcoin came on the scenes, there are over 700 different types of cryprocurrencies around. You have to go where the trends are....and right now if you are not owning and trading any cryptocurrency, you are far behind and NOT making any real money and leaving alot of money on the table for others to grab! Don't sleep on this MONEYTRAIN!

How Do I Convert TBC to Bitcoin or TBC to Cash? 

Many Sites Like and,  offer a bitcoin wallet and debit/prepaid card so you can easily buy, sell and deposit bitcoin in your bank account. Click here to find a bitcoin ATM near you. (ATM Converts Bitcoin Into Cash)

To convert to cash, you can request trade payments thru paypal, payza, venmo, square app, etc. or pay fees and use exchangers!
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How Do I Get TBC And Start Generating Passive Reliable Income Immediately?

This is a simple and easy process,

Step 1:  Create A Free Account Today! <<----------

Step 2Create a Wallet <<<-----
(A wallet is similar to your bank account...where your TBC can be stored, sent and transferred. It has a long string on letters and numbers)
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Step 3: Purchase TBC 
(copy and paste your wallet address and email to so I know where to send TBC)

Step 4: Let your TBC sit and accumulate for a few weeks to months. Gradually sell off some to others who do not own TBC!

We look forward to working with you and helping you to accomplish all of your GOALS, DREAMS and DESIRES! 

Now there Is No More Failing!!! No More Excuses!!
Because Your Success Is Our Business!